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Customer Webinar on ACOM ePayables 
Watch this Webinar to learn how upgrading to e-Payables can save thousands over manual paper-based processing.  ACOM e-Payables – One platform for your complete payment flow that allows you to eliminate 100% of your AP checks on the first day of service.

Inefficient paper-based processes are costing your organization precious time and money 
iSeries Forms Software    EZPDF/400     EZEmail/400

Eliminate manual steps and streamline your payment processing iSeries Payment Software  

The industry’s most versatile and easy to use forms designer for the iSeries iSeries Forms Design Tool


Technical Support / Sales 


Tech Support Hours:  Monday-Friday  8:00am-7:00pm EST

New ACOM Paperless Payments


Convert 75% of Your Vendors to ePayments No Effort for Your Staff Zero Cost … Guaranteed

We’re committed in helping our customers to “Go Paperless” with their payment processing, and in this great new program ACOM handles it all….and that includes the time and effort to onboard your vendor community to e-payments.

Learn about Paperless Payments


100% elimination of paper checks


Completely guaranteed


Painless transition


Zero payment processing costs

We’re offering this special program exclusively to ACOM users…contact us to see if you qualify.


The NEW GUI Designer is now available! ACOM will give you full credit for your old Designer when you purchase EZDesignerPro. Please call Tech Support for details!  800-603-6768

EZDesignerPro Operation Video

Watch Video Here If you have any questions after the video please email support:

Contact Support

Web-Enabled Document Management

Great Addition to Your ERP/Accounting System

Lighten the Load on IT with WebView

EZeDocsIf you have fewer System i green screen gurus to go around, you can make the most of their time by moving low level email and fax management tasks to non-technical staff with WebView.  WebView enables EZeDocs/400 users to run fax and email message logs on a browser based dashboard using a simple point and click interface. It also makes it much easier to find and check on the status of outbound messages, even letting you resend the message using a different delivery option (fax or email). Learn more about how WebView can help your IT group

EZContentManager allows you to leverage your existing investment in your ERP/Financial applications and ACOM’s software solutions by automatically capturing and indexing transactional documents.  You won’t have to manually key-in metadata, and the imported files will be fully searchable using our sophisticated search capabilities.

Files and documents that have taken hours to find in the past can now be quickly retrieved by clicking on buttons integrated right into your ERP screens.

Users regardless of location can securely access and share files using a web browser. New users have found this system incredibly easy to use, becoming productive with little or no training. Learn More About EZContentManager


Get the inside track on how to handle:

  • 1099 and unclaimed property escheatment records
  • Current requirements for record retention
  • Receipts vs. card statement
  • Records when switching to EFT
  • Vendor statements
  • Storing electronic records and much more

Get Your Free Records Retention Guide.

Free Guide- Records Retention Q&A:

What to Keep and What to Shred

Knowing what to keep, for how long, and in what format can be a real challenge, with very serious consequences if you get it wrong.

The experts at The Accounts Payable Network have put together a helpful guide with links to some great resources to you get control over your records retention procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click on your question for the answer)
Do I have to be signed on as QSECOFR (system security officer) to install the software?






To install the EZeDocs/400 and EZPayManager/400 iSeries software it is not required to be signed on as QSECOFR, however your user ID must be a user class of at least *PGMR. To install the Fax and/or eMail software on the iSeries, you MUST be signed on with the QSECOFR user ID. Signing on with a user ID that has authority equivalent to the QSECOFR user ID is not sufficient.

What type of security is offered with the ACOM iSeries software?

The ACOM iSeries software suite offers our unique Selected Access security feature. Selected Access Security allows the system administrator to grant authority by specific function to each software user. When Selected Access is activated each software user can be restricted by menu option or by individual functions within menu options, for each module purchased.

What types of image files does the ACOM software support?

The ACOM software is capable of printing the following file formats for single color and black and white images on the iSeries. PCX JPG BMP TIFF WMF Multi-color images in BMP or GIF format may be printed to a PCL5c compatible printer. These images must be converted to PCX format and you must own the EZDesigner/400 GUI Design Tool to perform this conversion and to upload images from a PC to the iSeries 400.

Can I use my own previously digitized image and signature files with the iSeries software?

Yes, if you own the EZDesigner Pro GUI Design software and you’re using a supported image/signature file format you can upload your own PC images/signatures to use with your ACOM iSeries documents.

What printer models are supported by the ACOM software?

The ACOM software suite is compatible with a wide range of printers. The eForms and Checks modules support laser printing only. The laser printer must support PCL4, PCL5, PCL5e or PCL5c printer languages. Also, the IBM proprietary AFP printing language is supported with the eForms module only. In addition to PCL printing, the eLabels module supports many popular thermal printer models, including Zebra and Intermec.

Can I map my document using spool files or data files?

The eForms module supports mapping with SCS spool files or native iSeries data files. The Checks module supports mapping with SCS spool files. Additionally, in both the eForms and Checks modules, information stored in a data file can be accessed by utilizing the DTEXT or Database Text command even though your document is linked to a spool file. This command allows you to return fields from your data file by referencing fields that you’ve mapped in your spool file. The eLabels module supports data file field mapping only.

When using the Auto Merge feature, my printed document is missing the lines, boxes and constant text, all of the elements included in the design of the overlay document. All that prints is the spool file, how can this be corrected?

Verify that the Force Overlay Download parameter in the auto merge definition is set to *Yes. Once this change has been made, you will have to Stop and Start the auto merge to activate the change.

Can I monitor an OUTQ to do a merge automatically?


 You can set up what we call an Automerge Job. This job will monitor a specific OUTQ, when if sees the correct spool file it will merge the spool automatically. 



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